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  • Body treatments near me

    On Beauty Up you can find a wide range of body treatment specialists. Find one right next to you by entering your location and preferred body treatment in the filter above.

    What are body treatments?

    There seems to be many beauty body treatments these days. Here are some of the most common ones:

    • Body spa treatments
    • Body contouring such as cool sculpting and laser liposuction
    • IPL treatments
    • Cellulite and stretch mark treatments
    Which ever you need, be sure to find a qualified beauty body specialist.

    What's the difference between body treatment massage and a medical body treatment, such as a massage?

    A spa massage therapist might massage to relieve discomfort and to relax your muscle. A medical massage therapist tries to heal the patient rather than relax and distress the patient. A physician has a specific goal in mind, while the spa masseur simply massages you to temporarily feel better overall. 

    What are some of the best body treatments salons in Sydney?

    There are many popular body treatment venues in Sydney. The best thing you can do is to read the salon’s reviews on their profiles to get an idea of the salon’s reputation.