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  • How much does spray tan cost?

    When it comes to spray tan, or sunless tanning, the cost of a single spray tan may differ depending on the method and the salon, but clients can usually expect to pay from $25 to $50 per tan.

    How long does spray tan last?

    A spray tan can last between 5-10 days. It really depends on the shade you choose: If you choose a lighter shade, it could last you up to 5 days, but if you choose a darker shade, it might last up to 10 days. 

    Where can I get a spray tan near me?

    You can find a long list of spray tan salons on this page. Simply add your location and pick a spray tan salon near you and with good reviews. 

    What do I wear when getting my spray tan?

    During your spray tan, you might want to wear as little as possible if you want to get a full body spray tan. 

    What do I wear after my spray tan?

    It’s recommended to wear loose fitting clothing. It might be a good idea to wear something dark, just in case you get some colour on your clothes. 

    What are some of the best spray tan salons in Sydney?

    There are many renowned spray tan salons in Sydney. The best thing you can do is to read the salon’s reviews to get an idea of the salon’s reputation. You can also read our guide to the best spray tan salons in Sydney