What is a mobile makeup artist?

What is a mobile makeup artist? 

Mobile makeup artists are just like any other traditional makeup artists: They provide beauty services and products to clients, but with the convenience of being mobile and flexible! This means a mobile makeup artist comes to your home in order to apply makeup, as opposed to you going out to the makeup artist’s salon. 

Why should I book a mobile makeup artist? 

So why book a mobile MUA? Some people don’t find traditional beauty salons to be relaxed and convenient for them. There is often a crowd during the makeup performance, and it can be stressful to sit there when there are so many people around you looking at you. Having a mobile makeup artist coming to your home allows for a much more relaxed experience and more privacy. 

Back in the day, it seemed to be only the rich and famous who could afford a makeup artist to come to their own home, but thankfully this has changed over time, and a mobile makeup artist is now affordable and convenient for anyone. 

When do I need a mobile makeup artist?

A mobile makeup artist can be helpful when you are having upcoming events such as weddings, school proms, baby showers or simply for when you are going on a big date.  

A mobile MUA is also very convenient when you are in a hotel – simply find a local mobile artist near you and book from the comfort of your hotel. No need to leave the hotel!

Where can I book a mobile make up artist?

You can find mobile make up artists here