Why should I list my business on Beauty Up?

Beauty Up is the leading online beauty directory in Australia. Our online platform provides you with a fully integrated dashboard to effectively manage and scale your beauty business. 

How can Beauty Up help me reach more customers?

Beauty up connects beauty professionals with beauty service seekers. We help beauty professionals attract and connect with new customers who visit our directory. 

How do I get a Beauty Up professional listing profile?

It’s super simple to create a professional beauty profile on Beauty Up. Simply click on “Add a listing”.


Add listing from top right menu.


Create an account by entering your username, email address and password.


Choose the package you want.


After you have chosen your package, you will be logged in to your new dashboard. Click on “Add a listing” on the top right corner again and enter all your beauty salon details.

Can I upgrade my listing profile later?

Yes, you can always upgrade to our premium listing later directly via your member dashboard. 

Do I need a Beauty Up listing profile if I already have a website?

If your website is new and is not getting much traffic, it can be very beneficial for you to have a business listing on Beauty Up. Having a Beauty Up listing profile will not only give you more exposure to your customers, but it will also help your website to gain more reputation on the search engines.  

How do I pay for my professional beauty business profile?

We accept PayPal. 

How do I accept bookings online?

When you create a listing, there is an option to add your booking URL. If you don’t have a booking URL you can easily create a free one on calendly.com (recommended) or on gettimely.com

Once you have created your booking URL, you can copy and paste it to your profile and people will be able to book straight from there! No booking fees on Beauty Up.

What happens when my listing expires?

In your account you will be able to re-list your listing if you like.

What happens when my  free trial listing expires?

In your account you will be able to choose a package and re-list your listing.